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S O T D Friday, December 19

Talk About Perfume Today, 07:02 AM
Good morning and thanks once again for all the kind condolences for yesterday. SOTD is Creed Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare Wish you all a good Friday.
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Fuming At The Gym

Talk About Perfume Yesterday, 10:54 AM
This year, I've gotten much more serious about my health and have been working out in the local gym three or four times a week.  (Yay!)   There is a really interesting phenomenon that I've noticed.  Usually, I come to the gym straight from work, so I'm a few hours into the dry down...
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Curious Date Code Marking On Chant D'arômes Edt Bottle

Talk About Perfume Yesterday, 10:17 AM
About two years ago I bought Chant d'Arômes edt in the Guerlain boutique. Don't remember the exact date but I know it was just at the time they were changing packaging because I bought two bottles, due to a sale, and one came in the old box and one in the new. Long ago used up the older bott...
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S O T D Thursday, December 18

Talk About Perfume Yesterday, 06:35 AM
Good morning, lovely POLers!   I'm dressed as a hippie for "Throwback Thursday" of Spirit Week at school, so I'm treating my 7th graders to the aroma of a generous dousing of pure patchouli.  They won't know what hit 'em!     A wonderful Thursday to all.
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S O T D Wednesday, December 17

Talk About Perfume 17 Dec 2014
Good morning, POL. Natori for me. Happy Chanukah to everyone who celebrates and wish you all a good day.
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