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Histoires de Parfums 1899 - Ernest Hemingway

1899 hemingway histoires de parfums ernest hemingway

1899 is the new fragrance from Histoires de Parfums that seeks to put the essence of Ernest Hemingway in a bottle. Review link within. 
1899 is the new eau de parfum from Histoires de Parfums, and seeks to encapsulate Ernest Hemingway. It starts as a hesperidic cologne with juniper before turning more spiced, floral and oriental. Notes include: juniper, iris, orange blossom, bergamot, cinnamon and amber. For me, it starts off as Hemingway in the Swiss Alps, a place where he frequently vacationed in the 1920s, before taking on the warmer aspects of Spain, where Hemingway famously spent so much time in the 1930s.
It's an interesting scent, but I think it tries to be all things to all people. Some people find similarities to Spicebomb, but I think it's much more fragmented in character. The review:http://akafkaesqueli...nest-hemingway/
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Catherine Fraser
Nov 03 2013 06:27 PM

thank you for the review

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You're very welcome, Catherine. :) 

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Fazal Cheema
Nov 04 2013 02:49 AM

Hemingway was a genius, forget his stories, his quotes alone show the man's wisdom

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Thanks for the review! I am always curious about the Histoires de Parfums scents as at the very least they seem to use high quality materials.I have and enjoy,1740,1725,1969,1826,Olympia Music Hall and Tubereuse #3 Animale.I'd like to give 1899 a sniff.I have tried Spicebomb which i enjoyed however it seemed a spicier but thinner take on Hermes Ambre Narguile

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I had to to do a Hermnet Hemminway scent ( well all the women and now being Noses ! Yeah ) I would like it like this --


The Cire Trudon candle but in perfume please ----- called Entesto !!!

OMG - my daugther has this cadles and it was wonderful !!!!  That is Hement Hemmingway to me and the tabacco is delightful .

Mind youu ----- in Australia its very expensive but if you want to spoilt yourself - Mmmmmm.


So it the Histeries like this Cire Truden I wonder???

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Lady Jicky, 1899 doesn't have a strong tobacco aroma, so it sounds very different from the candle that you are describing. 1899 starts off as a masculine cologne with juniper, then turns a bit warmer with cinnamon, vanilla, and some floral notes. They've completely avoided the expected, conventional take on Hemingway which is boozy rum and tobacco. Hope that helps. :)

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I think kafkaeque the cable my daughter has is very different to 1899 now you state it --- juniper would take that cable out - I think juniper is very strong.


Yes Karfeaque - I would make rumm and tobacco with hemingway if I was a Nose --- so they did  a twist !!!!

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Nov 05 2013 09:17 PM

This is off topic, but does anyone know why the line was reformulated a few years ago? I was comparing my 1801 and 1826 with the newer versions. The new are still pretty, but not nearly as rich and opulent as the older versions. I'm wondering, was it lack of materials that caused the reformulation or just catering to a market that thinks anything rich smelling is "old lady". Does anyone know?

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